iCE Hrm Installation

This site might be outdated. Please refer to latest IceHrm documentation:


  1. MySQL 5 or higher
  2. PHP 5 or higher


Download the latest release

Copy the downloaded file to the path you want to install iCE Hrm in your server and extract.

Create a mysql DB for and user. Grant all on iCE Hrm DB to new DB user.

Visit iCE Hrm installation path in your browser. If you have copied iCE Hrm sources to folder which is mapped to web url, you need to visit to start the installation.

iCE Hrm will ask you to execute few commands on your server if required.

In installation form, fill in details appropriately.

Click Test Database Connectivity button.

If everything is successful click on "Install Application" button which will install iCE Hrm and redirect you to login page.

Once the application is installed use the username = admin and password = admin to login to your system.

Note: Please rename or delete the install folder (<ice hrm root>/app/install) since it could pose a security threat to your iCE Hrm instance.